The first of 12 DVD videos is now available at, an Amazon subsidiary, and Click on links below:

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JUST PUBLISHED. A companion "Visit the Zoo" fiction-fantasy novel, "Noah's Adventure." Click on book cover to be linked to the PRINT version. For KINDLE click on the Kindle logo below. Click on Audible logo for the audiobook.

​​​With over 120 zoo animals in twelve separate books, "Visit the Zoo" takes you on a walking tour of the zoo through vivid, close up and personal photography, with concise and easy to read descriptions of the animals. The marvelous aspect of this series is that in each animal description you learn something fascinating...More than just an identification plaque in front of a zoo habitat or enclosure, reading the books in the "Visit the Zoo" series is like having a personal docent..."

​​World Association of Zoos & Aquariums - Geneva Switzerland

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